The developer has not uploaded a game yet...

Okay, here's the deal: this is made with stock assets because it's just me learning how to use RMMV. It's a 5(ish) floor dungeon with a lot of personality (I think), and a fairly decent progression throughout. It's not meant to be anything but silly fun. Oh, and there's a Superboss. Because everyone loves superbosses, right?

I think it's tuned okay at this point, but I am not 100% sure on that. It was fine for me tinkering around with it. This is the first RPG project that I've finished and released, so don't expect anything fancy. But I think it's fun enough to spend a few minutes with.

I put in a lot of stuff to tinker around with and Easter eggs to find, so if you like that kind of thing, poke around

Any real project I do will use non-RTP assets, but like I said, this one was me getting used to the software and playing around. It's totally a draft and work in progress, but I thought I'd put it up.

Have fun, friendos! Oh, and WASD moves you around, but so does touch/clicking.

(If you have issues with the version here on itch, it can stream from my host here:


v0.04 - Switched to Windows Executable to fix some battle issues. Added in a couple more silly event interactions. Swapped Title Screen to the art made by Troytlepower. Adjusted various boss mob HP so they're not as much of a slog.

v0.03 - Fixed Spark so it actually zaps people now instead of fizzling out into nothingness.

v0.02 - Made the game basically playable. Removed enemy scaling and tuned them by hand. Added in a superboss for you to discover. 


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"The developer has not uploaded a game yet..."

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Ugh, I keep having issues. It is running here until then: 

Edit: It should be updated to play here on Itch now. Let me know if anything's broken.